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Small street are the cutest

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I hope you’re all well.

For today’s article an other street style taken in the old town of Warsaw of one of my friend, Charlène. We took those photos in the little street full of amazing doors, old style doors. We all felt in love with this part of the city, I can wait to show you all the pictures of it.
I've known Charlène for over 2 years now but it feels like forever. We were so excited about this trip because we share this need to discover the world around us. It was our first trip together and surly not the last.  

She is a sportswear type of girl, she loves herself some sneakers and to be comfortable. . Most of her closet is monochromatic but she is always on the hunt of bright pieces like this stunning holographic jackets.

* Bomber : Radical Paris
* Jacket : Adidas
* Shirt : Mango
* Jeans : Mango
* Bag : Zara
* Watch : Michael Kors
* Jewelry : Primark
* Shoes : Adidas superstar

La bise Audrey ;)

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