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Met Gala 2016


I hope you're all well. Today I have something special for you, somthing I've never done before and that I'm very exited about 
Yesterday night in New York took place one of the most expected night of the year in the fashion world, The Met Gala. It's the night to go big, glam and to dazzle the eyes. Each year I spend hours scrolling through internet amazed by  the stunning outfits.
To be completely honest, this year I thought that the dresses were less spectacular in general but here are some of my favorite of the night 

Blake Lively

As alway, Blake Lively is stunning. I feel like she can wear everything and be breath taking. She was dressed by Burrbery in this beautifull gown with a long and detailed cape (leaves embroideries in the back). The draped corset fits her perfectly, the creamy/white colour looks great with her tan,her hairdo compliment her face and the earings . . . It's what we expect on the Met Gala red carpetI love this look !

Claire Danes

My personal award go this dress! It's the perfect ball dress, an amazing princess gown. I've never noticed Claire Danes in any event but she blow my mind last night. She was so elegant and imble which make the dress look even better. Zac Posen posted the dress on instagram during the day to show that the dress can glow in the dark. I was and I'm still speechless! 
Hands down one of my favorite red carpet look of all times!

Jessica Chastain

This dress gave me the idea for this post. I literaly felt in love with it. The colour and all the details are so well done and her red hair go perfectly with it. Again it's for me a perfect ball dress combining elegance and glamour. The apparent simplicity of the dress makes it effortless. Prada did an amazing job
 I love it !


This is for me the most surprising look of the night. Not because the dress is daring but because of who is wearing it. Lorde, in my memory was on the edgy side of fashion, with this dress it's like she became "conventional". I love that she looks like a ballerina and her candid face on the picture.
Valentino did her well !

La bise Audrey ;)



I hope you're all well. I'm so thrilled, the sun is back. Temporarily but it's a good start. I've been fooled by the weather in the last post, the sun was shining but it wasn't warm at all ( I was freezing with this light coat)

As I mentioned previously, I have a slight obsession with over the knee boots. And for quite a long time I was looking for the perfect high ones, since I already own a flat version ( here ( ok they are not very flat but I do not consider them as heels)) and some high heel ones. 
Those are a bit edgier, I think, than what I have in terms of otkb. I love the chunky heel and platform but to be honest they aren't the most comfortable. 
I've paired those beauties with a simple dress, a belt (you better mark this waist), a lovely Tunisian scarf gifted by my daddy and again one of my favorite coat (in fact they are all my favorite). 

I have to tell you the story of this bag. 
As some might know I love vintage clothing and accessories so when I have the time I spend hours in yard sell or thrift stores. I found this on about 2 years ago in a huge yard sell for only 3 or 4€. The sweet old lady who sold it to me told me that it was her mother's bag, so it must be from the 40's. I was amazed to see, considering the age of the bag, the quality of it. I added a look for more practicality and voilà. I'm so in love with it !

* Coat : Mango 
* Dress : Monoprix
* Belt : New Look
* Scarf : Gift
* Shoes :  Just Fab
* Bag : Vintage
La bise Audrey ;)



I hope you’re all well. Still no picture from Warsaw, I’m struggling so hard on those files, it’s insane! It’s actually driving crazy.

For this week look another chill one. This days I’m all about casual looks, being comfortable without putting that much effort on a look and still look kind of put together. As some might know I used to be a very girly girl but I evolved and I feel like I’m in some sort of transition right now.
Anyways, let’s concentrate on the outfit. I don’t know if I’ve already mentioned it but I’ve a real obsession with coat lately.  I’ve been looking for one in this style for the longest time and when I found it, it was love at first sight. The quality is great, it fits amazingly (believe me, it’s a hard task for me to find ones that fit my body shape perfectly). In short I love this piece. Because I love this it so much (yes Audrey we understood) and wanted it to be the main focus, I worn a basic crop top (which isn’t that basic with his flare sleeves) and my all times favorite bodycon skirt .

* Coat : H&M 
* Top : Zara
* Skirt : H&M
* Shoes : Besson Chaussure 
* Bag : Mango
* Lipstick : Chili by MAC 
La bise Audrey;)

Small street are the cutest


I hope you’re all well.

For today’s article an other street style taken in the old town of Warsaw of one of my friend, Charlène. We took those photos in the little street full of amazing doors, old style doors. We all felt in love with this part of the city, I can wait to show you all the pictures of it.
I've known Charlène for over 2 years now but it feels like forever. We were so excited about this trip because we share this need to discover the world around us. It was our first trip together and surly not the last.  

She is a sportswear type of girl, she loves herself some sneakers and to be comfortable. . Most of her closet is monochromatic but she is always on the hunt of bright pieces like this stunning holographic jackets.

* Bomber : Radical Paris
* Jacket : Adidas
* Shirt : Mango
* Jeans : Mango
* Bag : Zara
* Watch : Michael Kors
* Jewelry : Primark
* Shoes : Adidas superstar

La bise Audrey ;)

Far far away from here


I hope you’re all well. It’s been a long time (again). I struggled so much with my sd card. I'm still in the process of putting all my pictures on my laptop, but hopefully I'm close to the end of the battle.

For today’s article I will show you one of my friend street style taken in the old town of Warsaw.  Jonas (click his name to see his instagram). I’ve known him since high school, we've clicked instantly. We‘ve lost track of each other for about two years after graduated because of life as simple as it is. But we finally reconnected, when we catch up after all this time it was like we’ve left each other the day before. Since November we became travel bodies (we went to Ireland, Italia and Poland)
It’s a practical outfit. We knew that day we would walk a lot so we needed to be warm and at the same time comfortable. That’s what Jonas did with his look. I  really love his Coat, the color is beautiful even if it doesn’t came out very well throughout the pictures.

* Coat : Celio
* Jumper : Vintage
* Jeans : Pull & Bear
* Shoes : Adidas superstar

La bise Audrey ;)