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I hope you're all well. I'm so thrilled, the sun is back. Temporarily but it's a good start. I've been fooled by the weather in the last post, the sun was shining but it wasn't warm at all ( I was freezing with this light coat)

As I mentioned previously, I have a slight obsession with over the knee boots. And for quite a long time I was looking for the perfect high ones, since I already own a flat version ( here ( ok they are not very flat but I do not consider them as heels)) and some high heel ones. 
Those are a bit edgier, I think, than what I have in terms of otkb. I love the chunky heel and platform but to be honest they aren't the most comfortable. 
I've paired those beauties with a simple dress, a belt (you better mark this waist), a lovely Tunisian scarf gifted by my daddy and again one of my favorite coat (in fact they are all my favorite). 

I have to tell you the story of this bag. 
As some might know I love vintage clothing and accessories so when I have the time I spend hours in yard sell or thrift stores. I found this on about 2 years ago in a huge yard sell for only 3 or 4€. The sweet old lady who sold it to me told me that it was her mother's bag, so it must be from the 40's. I was amazed to see, considering the age of the bag, the quality of it. I added a look for more practicality and voilà. I'm so in love with it !

* Coat : Mango 
* Dress : Monoprix
* Belt : New Look
* Scarf : Gift
* Shoes :  Just Fab
* Bag : Vintage
La bise Audrey ;)

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