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I hope you're all well.
As some might know I love traveling, and in September I decided that each month I will do a country. So here is a throwback on one of my trip of 2015. I will post a throwback of one of my journey every two weeks or so.

I went to England. I haven’t yet decided to travel Europe but some of my friends were studying in Erasmus there so we decided to pay them a visit.
England wasn’t a first time for me since I’ve been to London quite a few times but on this trip I discovered Nottingham. Famous for Robin Hood, the city is about 4hours of bus and 2 of train from London.
A beautiful city, with lots of things to do.  It’s definitely a university town with her two uni (Trent and the University of Nottingham). Which is great if you want to party or just go out for a drink. It’s a very dynamic city whatever you like to do you will be served.
I had the best time there, seeing my friends was a huge part of it, but wandering around the city was very enriching. It feels like the city has a soul, with all the old buildings and the tiny streets.  

Sick view from the eleventh floor ( nigh, early morning, day)

I will for sure go back one day and I recommend this city if you can go.
I can wait for my upcoming trips (one is coming pretty soon)

*All photos are mine taken with my iphone

La bise Audrey ;)  

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