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Chanel's hula hoop bag

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A few weeks ago was the fashion week in Paris. All the shows were amazing but Chanel's one was very beautiful ( as usual ). Karl Lagerfeld presented a new kind of bag; The hula hoop one.
This item is just insane. He just puts two hula hoops with a clutch bag in the middle. I mean who, instead of a genius, can create such perfection ?! Karl did it!
It's a simple idea but the result is just amazing!

I have a total crush on this bag!
Some people might think that I'm crazy but I'm so in love with it ( look at the smaller one, how can't you fall in love with this cute little thing! )
This is what fashion is about; creativity and obsession. And this is mine !

 La bise Audrey ;)

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2 petits mots ♥

  1. C'est vraiment très original comme sac !! :)

  2. je suis fan ! le sac dans toute sa demesure ! vient faire un tour sur mon blog hptt://www.etrepourdevenir.blogspot.com